Rapid Response/Seed Money Fund

We are committed to meeting the moment that we are in and are aware that not all funding needs arise on our timeline. We stand ready to support and invest in communities who are organizing to protect themselves - such as undocumented immigrants facing deportation or construction of a new pipeline in your community, as well as organizing and movements that sprout in expansive moments of crisis and solidarity - such as the Black Lives Matter movement - and organizations that are in need of urgent funding to keep their lights on

  • These are smaller grants of up to $2,500.

  • Applications will be considered January-November of each year. 

  • Applicants must meet our general criteria

  • Applications should be for

    • work that could not have been planned for; or

    • emerging groups or organizing projects that need funding to get off the ground. 


Please see our Rapid Response /Seed Money Application