Our Mission


Tzedak, Tzedak, Tidorf (Justice, Justice you shall pursue).

Increasing the well-being of humankind is the key element of repairing the world. In the very fabric of who we are as Jews is our deep knowing of Tikkun Olam (to heal and repair the world) that embodies the spirit of our philanthropy. We are called to strive joyfully and fiercely to repair and heal the world. 

At Still Ain’t Satisfied, A Foundation With Attitude, we have a passionate commitment to radical action that affirms the dignity of all, and a belief in the collective power of people to boldly resist obstacles to justice. 

We invest in grassroots organizing in Minnesota that is righteously and boldly fighting to dismantle white supremacy from every angle. Where we strive to move beyond painful schisms in our communities to rise up in uniquely powerful alignments. We work to win immediate victories for our communities while building the power we need to create the world we dream of.

We aim to be trusted allies and partners – yes through funding, but equally by strategizing, taking action, connecting, and showing up.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a Minnesota where everyone lives in their dignity.

Where oppression is a thing of the past and people’s basic needs are met. Where we live in beautiful, thriving, vibrant and diverse communities that boldly show up for each other every day. Where every last one of us is fully seen, and every last one of us is fiercely loved for our full selves.

A vision of a world where division and inequality are replaced with unity and justice.

May Day liberation sign